16 Dec 2016

Dramatis Personae

Cornelius Pffefil Bullingdon III

Class - Monk (Way of the Open Hand) 7, Cleric (Light Domain) 2
Race - Human (Hill Dwarf)
Level - 8

The steely gaze, pointy moustache, and gnarled pugilist’s fists combine in a striking image of strength, power and privilege.

Clarence Quincy Bullingdon - DECEASED

Class - Warlock (Great Old One) 8
Race - Human (Half-Elf)
Level - 8

He's just a totally normal, not-at-all evil, regular type wizard.

Died as he lived: in the Amber Temple, birthing a stillborn godling, the last remnant of his unspeakable otherworldly patron, which Clarence saved by banishing it from this realm before the Bully Boys could destroy it. He then expired.  

Bren 'Dickie' Tanner

Class - Rogue (Thief) 5, Ranger (Hunter) 4
Race - Human (Wood Elf)
Level - 9

One big score away from the good life, one bad job away from the noose, nowhere near where he'd hoped to be.

Paris Digby

Class - Bard (College of Lore) 9
Race - Human (Tiefling)
Level - 9

If the world were fair and just, the gang he's in would be called the Digby Dudes.

Elliana Roche

Class - Fighter (Eldritch Knight) 7, Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Race - Human (Half Orc)
Level - 9

The last living member of the Spency Squad, looking for her father... Paris Digby